Pioneer Road Trip!!

I had the most incredible time working with the amazing cast and crew for this commercial. Below are photos that Brett Juskalian took that I edited and the rest of the images are from everyones iPhones! (Open the video on youtube to comment on it-I'd love to hear what everyone thinks!!)

Dress: PacSun // Boots: FRYE  // Skirt: Thrifted 

Always a fan of cute kitten cards found at random gift shops...

Abandon motel we found and shot a scene at! There were plants growing out of windows.

Not ready for the Drag Racing about to ensue on the Salt Flats

With the amazing-fantabulous-incredible-superb-phenomenal, Tara Miele, my adopted mom:}

First time in Las Vegas!!

In my comfy coffin, most likely working on scholarships...

Go-Pro Camera's on Producer, Zach Mather's and Mr. Fix-Everything, Julien Janigo

Micky Shiloah being Micky Shiloah


  1. Oh my God, your face is so beautiful. You look so funny!!

    I have tagged you in my lastest post, go check it out!! :D


  2. Lol ^^^^^^^^^^ these commenters are relentless aren't they?

    But seriously looks like you had an awesome time :). It's great to know famous people. I like how they used a clip of you falling down while playing guitar. The rock was JUST THAT HAAARD!!!

  3. awesome pictures ~ I esp love ur expression in the car pic ;)

    looks like you had a rad time ~
    Have a wonderful week gorgeous! <3

  4. Love it! Yu look gorgeous :)


  5. You're so lucky! I honestly wish I had your life. And I also just bought that galaxy skirt, I noticed they only had 10 left and I had to get my hands on one! I wasn't so sure about it when I saw it online and how they picture it asymmetrical to the side, but then i saw how you just turned it around and it looks fabulous. I always love all your posts :)
    -Maya from CA

  6. you're so cute! i love the video/ad :) your costar is so good looking too, lucky girl! i am just a little bit surprised your fiancee was ok with you kissing him lol but you know, everyone is different. my boyfriend would probably break up with me if i did that!

    1. Hey Jess!
      It wasn't easy for Philip and I. It was really difficult spending so much time so far away from him. He's an actor so he understood, even though he didn't like it. We both know that when the other person has to kiss someone it's not them, it's them playing a character. It's still really sad to think of how I'd feel if it was Philip I was watching kiss some other girl on film-he's handled it much better than I probably would. I'm really grateful we both trust each other to make decisions that honor the other person. I would never work on a project that I didn't think honored Philip and God.

  7. Gosh, you are so pretty! Looks like you had tons of fun too! :D

  8. Hi,

    great pics. you are so beautiful

  9. looks like sooo much fun!


  10. I have those FRYE boots too! wow...now i feel cool

  11. I have those FRYE boots too! wow...now i feel cool

  12. What an epic commercial! I googled pioneer road trip because I wanted ideas for something to do this summer and this is where it brought me. Never would've seen it otherwise.

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