Lovely Bloodflow

This was probably one of the worst nights of my life. It seemed like a great idea for a girls sleepover to go to the basement and paint each other! We wrapped ourselves and just started splattering. Everything was fine until we tried taking it off only to find out that the RED paint, that had been disguised as acrylic, was actually oil. Since red is my favorite color I had the most, and thus spent the most time crying in the bath tub scrubbing my skin off. I looked like a murder victim. My friends were great though and helped scrub my back with dish soap:}

Terrible Thing #2 that happened: RIGHT after I had finished editing 25 or so shots from this night my external hard drive crashed. I lost all but these, and over half of my photos in existence. Sad Story. Sad Night.


The World by Melania Plasko

My friend needed me to be in this project for one of her classes. It was reallllllly hard for me to take myself seriously enough (it still makes me slightly uncomfortable to watch it.) My favorite shot was with her dog. Alas, she did not use it... maybe next time...