Lovely Bloodflow

This was probably one of the worst nights of my life. It seemed like a great idea for a girls sleepover to go to the basement and paint each other! We wrapped ourselves and just started splattering. Everything was fine until we tried taking it off only to find out that the RED paint, that had been disguised as acrylic, was actually oil. Since red is my favorite color I had the most, and thus spent the most time crying in the bath tub scrubbing my skin off. I looked like a murder victim. My friends were great though and helped scrub my back with dish soap:}

Terrible Thing #2 that happened: RIGHT after I had finished editing 25 or so shots from this night my external hard drive crashed. I lost all but these, and over half of my photos in existence. Sad Story. Sad Night.


The World by Melania Plasko

My friend needed me to be in this project for one of her classes. It was reallllllly hard for me to take myself seriously enough (it still makes me slightly uncomfortable to watch it.) My favorite shot was with her dog. Alas, she did not use it... maybe next time...


Maine Media Workshops

This summer I attended Maine Media Workshops to learn more about photography and such. I took the two week Advanced Young Digital Photographers course. It was probably two of the most amazing weeks of my life filled with trips to McDonalds ending in tears of joy, visiting a llama farm and plenty of photoshop wizardry. I was sobbing on the last day. AND I AM NO CRIER. These photos were taken by Simons Finnerty and edited by me. Here is a link to his blog, I think he did a great job capturing the beauty of Rockport Maine and me in my natural habitat...

Halloween Night

I know I'm a little late, but these are some pictures from my Halloween. I traveled to Ann Arbor to visit my friend Mel and my boyfriend. We saw everything from a unicorn to big foot to about a trillion girls dressed as black swan...it was quite an interesting night...

My only regret from the night was not being able to meet up with my Boyfriend, Philip. We both dressed as lumberjacks and ended up not even being able to see each other! I had to shamefully take this picture from someone else's facebook...He sure was a cute lumberjack though;}



I ended up wearing this to school because I wanted to shoot in this stairwell during my last class.  I shot it with my BFFL, Sarah Sherman- the crazy goon in the second picture!



I was sent these amazing boots from Palladium. You can find them here at their website!
I've always wanted a pair of classic rain boots (my grey-green ones currently have a HOLE in them), and right after i got them it wouldn't stop raining so I felt extra lucky to finally have them.
(This year for back to school shopping with grandma all I bought were cat shirts:3 this one was from hot topic)

(I've been wanting to dye my hair crazy colors for a while but don't cojones to actually do it..) 

(The shirt Leah is wearing I sewed form my brothers child hood darth vader costume) 


Burton's Doll

This dress was originally a beautiful piece with gorgeous lace draped all along the top. Until I let a friend borrow it for an underwater tea-party. After getting it back partially SHREDDED with no explanation I wasn't sure if I should cry or tamper with it more. I decided to sew it and shred it till my heart was content.



 Sarah and I JUST went to see Paranormal Activity 3. I lost my voice screaming and am pretty sure I gave her a bruise from flailing around. I took these of her wearing my grandma's vintage 70's dress and a candy powder necklace I made a couple years ago. Whenever I get scared I always try to do something to scare other people more, I guess perhaps this is my attempt at that...? HAPPY ALMOST HALLOWEEN!!



Lucid Dreaming

I've been working on this series with my partner in crime, Sarah Sherman. Over the summer I decided instead of back to school clothes I would buy more animal masks to add to my collection. We're hoping on eventually creating a children's book! 
 In this second shot we spent almost 4 hours in search of a decent tree. We biked all around town until we found this one and just sat in the woods together tying carrots to the tree. It was a long tedious process, but definitely worth the quality Sarah time I got:}
 This shot got us quite a few looks and almost run over. I couldn't help cracking up inside the rabbit mask when I thought about how ridiculous we must've looked...


Having never been to the city I decided recently I couldn't put it off any longer. I could hear New York calling my name over the great lakes and into Michigan. I decided to take a week of off school and venture there on my own to visit some colleges and friends. While in the city I happened to stumble upon the Occupy Wall Street Protest, a crazy thing called a crepe (I had previously thought it was a coated grape) and overwhelming amounts of everything. It won't be long till I'm there, FOR FOREVER, hopefully:} Here are some photos form my journey.