Sarajuku Girl

Photos of the lovely Sarah Sherman. I'm going to miss her next year!

Living in the Sunlight

My partner in crime, Sarah Sherman, and I finally got to spend a night together in the midst of all the end of the year senior business... She's always an inspiration and a good reminder to stretch myself creatively. I never want to get into a rut where photography becomes a chore or just a job. I want it to always be an adventure. Everything's an adventure with Sarah:} I'll post pictures of her look from the night soon!

Shirt: ROMWE Tights: OASAP Skirt: HOT TOPIC

For this look I wanted to see how creepy I could look through make up, hair and of course, the outfit. This shirt from Romwe had just the right amount of feminine and menacing qualities. 
Sarah helped with my hair and my eyebrows, since she's been watching 50's hair tutorials lately... The song at the bottom captures exactly what I was going for. I'd love to hear what you guys think!!


Stephanie Berezecky

Last week Stephanie and her mom visited me from Grand Rapids for a photoshoot. I was excited and surprised when she asked if she could do a levitation shot-I haven't taken any since my series from two years ago! It made me realize how much I miss capturing the absurd in my photographs...there may be more levitation in the near future...




Future Student at FIT-NYC!!

Ever since I was a child, I have known that I wanted to live in a big city. This year I decided it was time to introduce myself to NYC, and ventured to the city on my own. When planning where I would visit on my trip the Fashion Institute of Technology was top priority on my list; I could not wait to see the campus come alive!

As I toured the campus I felt a pulsing energy flowing through the students and faculty. Everyone seemed to have their own fashion-forward style, with no concern about what others thought of them; it was my dream come true! Though the tour didn’t exclusively show us the photography department, I found my way to it on my own. After dragging my suitcase twenty blocks, losing a wheel on the way, and a quick change into my black wedges before I stepped into the building, I was excited to see something great. I walked onto the floor and saw students setting up window displays and holding cameras tethered to studio lights. I felt right at home.

I meandered about until someone sitting on a bench said something about my one-legged fuchsia and one-legged deep blue tights. I’d caught the attention of professor Curtis Willocks. I laughed and told him that I sewed my two tights together when they got a run. He told me about the program and brought me up to the library filled with every book on fashion you could imagine. As he began to pull out photography books from the shelves and open them on the table, I could not hold back squeals of excitement. It was fascinating to see how much photography was celebrated in the city. This sort of atmosphere was so different from what I am used to in Kalamazoo Michigan. The amount of opportunities to grow, and take photography to the next level blew my mind.

            I’m excited to announce that next year I will be attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. It’s the perfect place to study fashion photography because it’s located in the heart of the industry, New York City. The classes offered at FIT are unlike any I’ve seen at other universities. I’m hoping to take Geometry and the Art of Design, Professional Procedures for the Commercial Photographer, Re-touching Pre-Press Solutions for Photographers, The Art and Practice of Self-Defense, Hollywood: A History, and many more courses that will directly apply to my future career and give me first hand experience in the industry.

          I made this shirt for my school’s Decisions Day party. I created the logo and printed it onto iron on paper and just managed to finish it the morning of (My new school is already inspiring me!). I am nervous to be so far away from home, and unsure of how everything will work out financially, but I know that my heart has already rooted itself at FIT and I can’t wait to create my new home there!

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Ruby June Carrigan

Yesterday I photographed the beautiful Ruby June Carrigan. It was very strange meeting someone with the same first AND middle name as me!! She will be heading to NYC in June and needed some test shots to show different agencies. Good luck Ruby!! (It's even weird typing it. haha) I hate saying my own name...