Pioneer Road Trip!!

I had the most incredible time working with the amazing cast and crew for this commercial. Below are photos that Brett Juskalian took that I edited and the rest of the images are from everyones iPhones! (Open the video on youtube to comment on it-I'd love to hear what everyone thinks!!)

Dress: PacSun // Boots: FRYE  // Skirt: Thrifted 

Always a fan of cute kitten cards found at random gift shops...

Abandon motel we found and shot a scene at! There were plants growing out of windows.

Not ready for the Drag Racing about to ensue on the Salt Flats

With the amazing-fantabulous-incredible-superb-phenomenal, Tara Miele, my adopted mom:}

First time in Las Vegas!!

In my comfy coffin, most likely working on scholarships...

Go-Pro Camera's on Producer, Zach Mather's and Mr. Fix-Everything, Julien Janigo

Micky Shiloah being Micky Shiloah


Simon Says

Philip spent the last month filming this mysterious project, Simon Says, through FilmicProductions. This last week I finally got to see the trailer and meet the crew and was blown away! The quality was incredible and the crew was so warm and excited about the project. I couldn't be more proud of Philip. I can't wait to see the final edit!


Gamma Ray

I've been longing for this galaxy skirt ever since i saw it on Romwe's website. The day that i wore it happened to be extremely windy so I was glad I had worn my just-in-case-biker-shorts underneath...the Sun Glasses are also from the wonderful Romwe. (They don't have the pink shades anymore so the link is to the next pair I've been dreaming about!) The Charlotte Russe boots have been my go-to hiking/running to the bus shoes for the last couple years. They've stayed strong-but it's almost time for a new pair! Anyways, I moved back to my mom's house recently and have been loving my beautiful sister's company! She's not only stunning to photograph but she's also an incredible photographer. She caught on to the manual settings in no time at all!


2012 Blood Drive

As a part of the National Honors Society every year we organize a blood drive at our school. For the last to years I've been the leader of the Entertainment Committee. This year I was able to get the blood drop costumes from the American Red Cross, write the song, record it with the one and only Andy Santamaria, choreograph a dance and direct all of the lovely blood drops. Can you guess which drop I am??! I signed myself up to donate this year even though I'm terrified of having any sort of needle  and I can't stand wrists. lkfas;lfkasasdf. Pray for me!!!


If you missed the Easter Bunny...

I haven't posted in FOREVER because I've been really busy figuring everything out with colleges and I actually just finished shooting a commercial in the Southwest for Pioneer. I'll have more pixx from that up as soon as it's finished! Today I realized I had so many Easter photos from the past that I felt obligated post them...

I used to have an Easter Egg Hunt every year at my house. We would have contests to see who could make the ugliest egg, look-like-themselves egg, most creative egg, etc...Last year I bought a unicorn pinata for the hunt and didn't realize I would eventually have to watch it get beaten into a pulp. We had crazy relay races with the neighborhood kids and finished everything off with a dance battle. This is the first year I haven't been able to host the hunt...it was a sad day in the Tanja household...