Burton's Doll

This dress was originally a beautiful piece with gorgeous lace draped all along the top. Until I let a friend borrow it for an underwater tea-party. After getting it back partially SHREDDED with no explanation I wasn't sure if I should cry or tamper with it more. I decided to sew it and shred it till my heart was content.



 Sarah and I JUST went to see Paranormal Activity 3. I lost my voice screaming and am pretty sure I gave her a bruise from flailing around. I took these of her wearing my grandma's vintage 70's dress and a candy powder necklace I made a couple years ago. Whenever I get scared I always try to do something to scare other people more, I guess perhaps this is my attempt at that...? HAPPY ALMOST HALLOWEEN!!



Lucid Dreaming

I've been working on this series with my partner in crime, Sarah Sherman. Over the summer I decided instead of back to school clothes I would buy more animal masks to add to my collection. We're hoping on eventually creating a children's book! 
 In this second shot we spent almost 4 hours in search of a decent tree. We biked all around town until we found this one and just sat in the woods together tying carrots to the tree. It was a long tedious process, but definitely worth the quality Sarah time I got:}
 This shot got us quite a few looks and almost run over. I couldn't help cracking up inside the rabbit mask when I thought about how ridiculous we must've looked...


Having never been to the city I decided recently I couldn't put it off any longer. I could hear New York calling my name over the great lakes and into Michigan. I decided to take a week of off school and venture there on my own to visit some colleges and friends. While in the city I happened to stumble upon the Occupy Wall Street Protest, a crazy thing called a crepe (I had previously thought it was a coated grape) and overwhelming amounts of everything. It won't be long till I'm there, FOR FOREVER, hopefully:} Here are some photos form my journey. 


Jake Vogds

My friend Jake Vogds painted this of us. He's currently a student at the School of the Art Institutes of Chicago. He's so photogenic and a hilarious person to hang out with. I can't wait to do more shoots with him in the future!
Here is a link to his website:


John 3:16

This field always reminds me of the beauty God has placed in my world. I can't thank him enough for how much he's blessed me with, so much that I don't deserve it's overwhelming.

This shoot was actually for my new project with animal masks-hence my dad wearing the rabbit mask in the third picture. I can't wait to finish it and show you guys!!