Tim Walker

I came across this video of Tim Walker and couldn't help posting it! Walker is my favorite photographer at the moment.  He goes to extremes lengths to get the shot he’s looking for, whether that means putting pastel colored pigment powder on cats or arranging a hundred cakes around a man in a canopy bed. The style of his work reminds me of the circus, but with the same amount of class and planning that goes into a red carpet event. He manages to make the insane look interesting and glamorous. Everything in his images looks very intentional, from the lighting to the expression of the subject to the oddly placed oboe lying on the floor in the corner. It would be the biggest honor to meet or even intern with Tim Walker some day... but until then I'll just have to keep cyber stalking him for inspiration...


In the Beginning

Here's a snippet of the installation I created with my friend, Sarah Sherman, for our media class at school. We wanted to show creation from God's point of view. After hanging over a thousand streamers and clouds, lighting incense, setting up hidden fans and projectors through out the room and creating a looped video we wanted to show the excitement God must have felt when he created our world. We wanted the viewer to realize how short life is and how every second is a small gift that will ultimately construct who we are and what we were living for!

Lookbook.nu x Victoria's Secret PINK!

  Victoria's Secret has always been one of my favorite stores. They recently collaborated in lookbook.nu and sent me some clothes from their new PINK! line. The shirts were sooooo soft, and I'm in love with this bra camouflaged as a swimsuit...how sneaky;} I usually have a hard time finding shorts I like (so most of the time I don't wear shorts), but these jean shorts were true to size and fit in all the right places! I'll  have more posts from the collaboration up soon!


Valerie Filipowicz

I took these senior pictures for my friend Val. We had a great time getting her dressed up and going out to explore some of my favorite spots around Kalamazoo. She's absolutely gorgeous and incredibly hilarious. Here are a few of the shots we got!



∞ God's Greatest Gift ∞

 PHILIP MAXWELL. Is hands down the greatest blessing God has ever given me. Not only does he have the most genuine eyes, witty humor, and incredible talent, but he also has a passionate relationship with Christ, which to me is the most important quality in a significant other. I've waited my whole life to find someone so inspiring, that I can look up to and share every piece of my life with. Philip has seen me at my best: eating McDonalds and belting out songs that i know none of the words to, and at my worst: feebly sick and scowling while tediously writing college essays. Yet even through my worst he was rotating blankets through the dryer for me to make sure I stayed warm.

Philip and I met years ago competing in forensics tournaments (competitive acting, not CSI crime investigations) but never really got to talk until we filmed this music video to "Rag'n Bones" for his friend Zach Terry, a film student at NYU. While filming 80's dance scenes, breaking into a couple's house together, robbing and killing them, and then getting shot in the woods by the police, we realized we'd finally found each other.

In this shoot we were wearing 100% good ole' PacSun! I used to work there and I'd spend hours picking out guy's outfits, day dreaming about the day I'd have more than a mannequin to dress up. I'm wearing THIS t-shirt with my go-to Denim Leggings. Philip is wearing Emerica shoes and the classic Bullhead  Gravels Slims. The rest of our outfits are also from PacSun, I just couldn't find links for them.

Also, before I finish this infinitely long post, I'm excited to share that I'm engaged! Philip is everything I could ever want in a best friend and a husband. I know that we're young, and getting married is a leap of faith, but it's one that we feel God has called us to take. We plan on waiting till next summer to have our wedding. When I first told my friends and family I got a lot of criticism from people at school.  I told Philip about how discouraged I was to hear so many people turning the beautiful act of two people becoming one into a mockery and he surprised me with this video the next day.

We know that marriage will be a difficult journey, but with Christ at the center of our relationship we can withstand any trial thrown at us. In middle school I created a list of all the qualities I wanted in my future husband. Over the last 6 years I've added to the list and prayed over it. I never thought God would bless me with someone that fit every detailed quality, especially not so soon. All I can think of is this verse that says:

"He told them, "Throw the net on the right hand side of the boat, and you'll catch some." So they threw it out and were unable to haul it in because it was so full of fish." John 21:6

I owe everything I have and everything that is to come to Jesus. I truly don't deserve a fraction of what I've been given. I know I haven't really shared very much about myself here, but I'm going to try to write more. If you guys have any questions I'll do my best to answer them in my next post.

Thanks for all your support! It's inspiring to see so many people from all around the world visiting my blog:} I'll post more soon!!