Tim Walker

I came across this video of Tim Walker and couldn't help posting it! Walker is my favorite photographer at the moment.  He goes to extremes lengths to get the shot he’s looking for, whether that means putting pastel colored pigment powder on cats or arranging a hundred cakes around a man in a canopy bed. The style of his work reminds me of the circus, but with the same amount of class and planning that goes into a red carpet event. He manages to make the insane look interesting and glamorous. Everything in his images looks very intentional, from the lighting to the expression of the subject to the oddly placed oboe lying on the floor in the corner. It would be the biggest honor to meet or even intern with Tim Walker some day... but until then I'll just have to keep cyber stalking him for inspiration...


  1. Awesome, Ruby! Thanks for posting this. It's great to see so many examples of a photographer that clearly inspires you.

  2. Completely agree, LOVE Tim Walker! So inspirational. Thanks for posting the video!