My friend wanted to turn me into a cuttlefish for her project at the University of Michigan. We spent all night painting me. My skin was so sad after I finally peeled it all off...I am just starting to recover. Here are a few pictures we took! :}

And here are some behind the scenes!
© Concept by Melania Plasko 2012


Betsey Johnson!

Betsey Johnson sent me THE MOST AMAZING COAT just in time for the harsh Michigan winter. Every time I need to feel classy and warm this coat is my first choice.



 These Palladium boots are the only thing that make rainy Michigan days worth getting up for. I'm the only one that can stomp angrily through every puddle with confidence that my most likely mismatched socks will stay 100% dry!


Don't Be Afraid of the Light

Sorry it's been a while! I've been busy being sick, filling out college applications and turning 18! I have many photos to catch you up on so expect much more soon!