Liza Nay designed this incredible dress. I love how every time I put on one of her designs I become a new character-for this piece I channeled my inner gladiatrix! Pictures of the wedding dress she designed for me will be up soon!!


Experimenting with photos I shot of Rachel! More to come sooooon.



Model: Sarah
Photos/Styling: Me!
xoxxx-more to come soon


Back From the Future

This series was my final assignment in my Photo Styling class. I got to work with an amazing team from my class to design the set and set up the lights. My job in the group was styling the outfits, doing hair and make up and shooting these pictures. Liza Nay was kind enough to lend me the dress she designed in the first picture-and my new friend Victoria Brito did an incredible job modeling!

Dress: Romwe
Headpiece: Jordan Tiberio

Coney Island

I've been updating my new blog RubyJune.us more frequently, however I thought I'd update here as well for a bit. This is from a photoshoot I styled, did hair and makeup and shot last semester. I met Kristin, the model, at school and the next day she adventured out to Coney Island with me to shoot these!