I know it's been forever. Blogspot says I have no more room to post photos. I need something a little more unlimited so I'm moving to tumblr.


My Other Half

One year ago I made the easy decision to be with you, you're a man better than even my dreams could create. The most incredible creation-God's greatest gift. I don't deserve a fraction of what you've given to me, Philip. You've brought me more joy than I ever imagined possible. I know things haven't always been easy, and I'm sorry for all of the added stress I've given to you. Thank you for continuing to love me-even after knowing all of my flaws and weaknesses. You're truly the best friend a gal could ever ask for.


Coast to Coast

I'm so excited to share my look for Gap's styld.by catalog! This summer I traveled from New York to San Francisco. The bag was perfect for holding all my travel items and showing a little enthusiasm, with out seeming too much like a tourist! I fell in love with this checkered shirt the moment I saw it. It will definitely be one of my fall essentials. More pictures from my travels will be up soon! 



The Moon Walker

This swimsuit has revolutionized my summer. I've been on the lookout for a suit that wouldn't fly away with the first wave yet one-piecers always seem to be so boring and never fit right. Blackmilk has the best variety of one-piece's. Even the back of the suit has an interesting print! I just swam with this in the Pacific Ocean today and can say-safest suit I've ever worn in the ocean! I couldn't be happier.



I got to try out the new magnetic nail polish by Sally Hansen. I'm not the best when it comes to painting nails so it was nice having a magnet do all the handy work for me... The key to this magic paint is to just keep using more. I found that if I messed up all I had to do was keep globbing it on (my kind of nail polish) and the design just kept getting better!! The Black Milk galaxy leggings, one of my prized possessions,  added to the intergalactic feel of the polish. I added "shoulder pads" to the H&M dress to make it more modest and futuristic. The shoes were surprisingly springy because of the jagged bottoms. I think I may have found my new go-to fall shoes... Anyways-more to come soon! I can't wait to hear what you all think...


Radio Cure

This bag has been perfect for summer. One of my favorite online stores right now is Shopakira. All the products on their site are so well photographed and they have the most delicious Jeffery Campbell's...what I would give... Anyways, the shirt is from Romwe and the rest is thrifted or made (the headband!)

Shorts: Romwe // Everything Else: Thrifted



I've been dreaming about Blackmilk since MIDDLE SCHOOL when I first fell in love with their galaxy leggings... It's taken me far to long to get my first pair of leggings from them. I have no idea how they get their innovative prints-when I stretched the material it never got that crinkly-screen-printed look. It's as if they were sewn in heaven! I wore these when I visited the Guggenheim Museum in NYC and was stopped by people asking where I found such incredible leggings. They're an art piece in themselves! More Blackmilk posts to come...Once you go Blackmilk, you don't go back;}

Shoes: PacSun // Dress & Vest: F21 // Nails: SarahShermz



I've always gotten excited about what I would wear if I was a guy-I never thought I'd be lucky enough to have someone that would actually wear the outfits I'd dreamt up! Philip and I found this website- Guylook that has the affordable clothes for men that look fashionable with out being to fruity... We couldn't be happier! This is the first outfit we put together-pictures of the whole look on Philip may be coming soon! ;} What do you think of the look?


Dark Matter

This has been one of my go-to outfits with the weather being crazy hot lately. Today it is 104℉ outside. Unbearable. The Galaxy Dress is from Sheinside, and the shoes are from Oasap. I just visited NYC and wore these shoes almost the entire time-they were so comfortable!


The Rainbow Fish

I took photos of this dress I made a year or two ago but I was never really happy with them. Philip and I took these pictures and I think they show the detail in the dress much better...I designed the dress two years ago for a class and ended up dying the fabric, creating the pattern, sewing it and painting the fish. The Lovelysally leggings fit perfectly with the dress. I wore this dress when I volunteered at the Woodsedge Learning Center, a special education center-based school, for their Spring Formal Dance. I was so surprised when I got there and they told me the dance was Under-The-Sea themed! It was amazing to have the opportunity to dance with so many incredible people. 



FINALLY I feel like it's summer. I decided to share the video I made with my other half, Sarah Sherman, for our senior class. Our school played it at our our candle light ceremony and graduation. We were so happy to finally be finished with it. It's hard to believe we've finally finished the year off. This post summarizes the year starting with graduation (happiest part: seeing Philip at the end), grad bash: (climbing to the top of the velcro wall...and getting stuck with Sarah), what I hope to get for my dorm next year at the Fashion Institute of Technology, my grad party invite, and pictures from the photobooth I set up at my grad party... SO HAPPY to finally be able to relax...Can't wait to hear what you guys think!


Summer Solstice

     Philip and I went out to take pictures last week! He was an amazing photographer and was a natural with the manual settings...I was so proud :} I'm excited to use my Oasap backpack next year...The spikes should  protect me in the city. The glasses and shirt are from Romwe and were my go-to's for my Senior class Cedar Point-trip. The shirt was really light weight which helped a lot with the sauna-like temperatures in lines. The skirt is thrifted but the shoes are also from Oasap. I've been trying to stock up on walking shoes for the school year...


Wonder Woman

I've been looking for a location that resembled a trash dump with out having to deal with the liquidated dipers and terrible stench. This was the perfect median! 

Leggings: Romwe // Everything Else: Thrifted