Vertical World

Hello!! This long over-do post was part of the Lookbook.nu x Victoria's Secret Collaboration. I had to create 3 looks in 3 days and needed to find someone nice enough to photograph them with me. Leah-the-Life-Saver was up for the challenge of shooting all 3 in one day! Here's one of the shoots we took in my basement after the sun got away from us. The super-soft V-neck was from Victoria's Secret. The amazing lace cape (also worn to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn) is from Felicee. The Leggings are American Apparel and surprisingly the zippers on the side un-zip all the way...who needs tear-off sweat pants anymore? And the leather skirt was thrifted in Chicago. Can't wait to hear what you guys think! xoxxx

And lastly, an observational sketch made for my University of Michigan application. I never draw, it was somewhat fun/tedious. @__@



I had a great time styling this dress from Sheinside. Experimenting with creating gifs....and purple hair...



Float On

For this photo I got to collaborate with the amazing photographer Brian Wolfe! 


It was great to have the chance to collaborate and brainstorm with another photographer, especially one I have so much respect for!