Float On

For this photo I got to collaborate with the amazing photographer Brian Wolfe! 


It was great to have the chance to collaborate and brainstorm with another photographer, especially one I have so much respect for!


  1. This is stunning!!


  2. Man, this definitely separates you from other bloggers. Ruby, are you planning to get into fashion photography?

    The Quiet Spaces

  3. This blog is AMAZING. Your photos are such high quality and are also unique, colorful, and just jaw-dropping-amazing-inspiring to look at. You are one of the most talented photographers I have come across. I also love your clothes and fashion sense!


  4. I want to say that I love your blog and I wish you posted more haha. Your looks and pictures are so creative and I love how you find really cool spots that are hidden in the everyday (like your basement and outside your apartment). Your style and the photo's composition makes it look so effortless and artsy! And the song you used in heart it races and your installation I really liked, so you also have good taste in music haha. I must say, you've inspired me to be more creative