If you missed the Easter Bunny...

I haven't posted in FOREVER because I've been really busy figuring everything out with colleges and I actually just finished shooting a commercial in the Southwest for Pioneer. I'll have more pixx from that up as soon as it's finished! Today I realized I had so many Easter photos from the past that I felt obligated post them...

I used to have an Easter Egg Hunt every year at my house. We would have contests to see who could make the ugliest egg, look-like-themselves egg, most creative egg, etc...Last year I bought a unicorn pinata for the hunt and didn't realize I would eventually have to watch it get beaten into a pulp. We had crazy relay races with the neighborhood kids and finished everything off with a dance battle. This is the first year I haven't been able to host the hunt...it was a sad day in the Tanja household...


  1. Love the pics, looks so fun!


  2. this looks like totally fun
    why are you so pretty !!!!


  3. OMG, Ruby...these pictures...they have so much LIFE! I can just really feel the energy, joy, and fun everyone's having. Has such a deliciously nostalgic, carefree, and childlike ambiance. I felt like smiling as I viewed this because the pictures perfectly portray the mood.

    Who took some of these gorgeous photos? Did you edit them because they have an interesting effect?

    And I almost thought you actually had pink hair! You should try out a dip dye or something because you look sooo good with pink hair!)

    (PS: You're so lucky to have such a tight-knit community. I don't live in such a close neighborhood...Easter parties with my own extended family isn't even this eventful. We don't have pinatas, or play arranged games like this; we don't even paint actual eggs...sigh...you have such a sentimental life. Enjoy it!)