The World by Melania Plasko

My friend needed me to be in this project for one of her classes. It was reallllllly hard for me to take myself seriously enough (it still makes me slightly uncomfortable to watch it.) My favorite shot was with her dog. Alas, she did not use it... maybe next time...


  1. Thats actually pretty cool. Took me a moment to realise that it was playing backwards but it makes for a great effect.

    Kind of looks a tad like a hair advert - Because your worth it!

    Or maybe a perfume advert (Because you know they never make any sense).

    Rosa Fay :D

  2. this is very cool! it probably should have been cut shorter because it seems very repetitive but i like it! and alas how sad, i did not even realize it was playing backwards at all til I read Rosa's comment.

  3. this video is amazing!!
    what is name of that song??

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  5. The song is The World by Danger Mouse. Thanks for putting on your blog rhuubeee ;)