While in Maine a couple of my friends and I bought a shake weight together. For those that don't know of the infamous shake-weight I have attached their official commercial.
To much surprise the shakeweight was quite a work-out and got us shaked-out much quicker than expected.

Since we couldn't decide who would bring this marvelous toy home with them we agreed on sending it to each other. On the plane ride home from Maine my bag was 9 lbs too heavy. I ended up having to carry along none other than the shakeweight. through 4 different airports...  Every time I went through security I could see them making the "shake motion" and laughing at me. It wouldn't have been that bad if I hadn't have also had to carry my crown, fur t-shirt, and horse head. 

It was a long day.
Here's a couple pictures of the outside of the secret package I sent to Nate. Enclosed with the shakeweight were a bunch of other surprises from Michigan. It was sad to send the package, though I know the future holds many more shakweight adventures for our sisterhood.


  1. Wow. Security must have loved your look, especially the horse head! ;)


  2. I freaking love your blog plead keep posting and more often I check tour blog everyday it's amazing

    You're my inspiration