It'z About Time

I'm not quite sure how someone goes about making a first impression over the intro-webs, I mean really what can you say?

SO. I'm going to just shove you into my life-mid-adventure and hope you can keep up:}

A few things that should catch you up...

1. If I am ever wearing insane amounts of clown-like makeup it's because I was supposed to be cleaning my room.

2. I am an avid time-traveler. I spend my weekends in the future when all I have to worry about is winning bingo and being first in line at Old Country Buffet.

3. I take most of my pictures with my friends. It doesn't take a gazillion dollar budget, golden camera or a triple shot of creativity to take a photo. (Though being a photoshop wizard doesn't hurt either;)

4. I'm from Kalamazoo, a born and raised Michigander. I look forward to venturing out of the mitten, though I'm proud of where I'm from. (These are some of the gals in my neighborhood.) ((SO CUTE))

5.  I like kittens, acting, baklava, JESUS and will farrell...KAY NOW YOU KNOW ME! 


  1. Your blog is absolutely amazing!
    You have a perfect style, and the photos are great.

  2. I'm so happy you made a blog, I'm a really big fan of your photography!! Gotten rep the Mitten State!!

  3. Okay i have officially stalked your entire blog! I love your photography, style, and humor! I am now excited for more posts:) ps i too procrastinate by applying extreme makeup.

  4. glad that I've read these lines of yours.Your life seems so exciting,your photographs tells a lot of stories.I appreciate them a lot.I things we both love galaxy pictures ;) Have you actually painted your basement room that way or it's photoshop'ed? am really wondering.
    greetings pretty

  5. i just discovered your blog and it's an ispiration to us!

    / www.stockholmsinners.devote.se

  6. can i ask who is she in 6th picture, looks she has some great bones

  7. hi,do u know baklava? the dessert of baklava? rlly u know? its our traditional dessert. yeah im turkish.